Urban Legend


Legend: The Furniture Industry is all a commodity.

I beg to differ. This definition of commodity means a mass-produced unspecialized product. In other words, it doesn’t really matter where you get your office furniture. It is all the same. I’m telling you, that ain’t true.

I admit, it is true of some areas of the commercial furniture industry. Tables, peds and chairs are very much alike. You’ve seen one…. you get the idea.

Believe it or not, that is just a small portion of what you are buying, but few people realize it until it is too late. Service and ancillary furniture are far from commodities and you would be making a huge mistake to treat them as if they were.

Why? Well you may have purchased your workstation items, but now they need to be engineered. Have you received quality service that will make sure all the brackets have been ordered and installed correctly? How will the panels fit and be assembled? Do you have a bill of materials that ensures the correct parts and pieces have been ordered? Designing a workspace is truly an engineering project and one that requires an experienced designer. In other words, all service is not created equal. Services provide a tremendous value in assuring that a project is done well and that you are seen as the hero who made it happen. The pieces may be commodities, but the way they layout is not!

Ancillary furniture is also far from a commodity. You may be buying 100 workstations that all look the same, but you will need (for example) a great couch for your lobby, 4 tables for your break room, and 22 terrific break room chairs. These are the key ingredients that turn a vanilla workspace into an atmosphere that represents your company brand and personality. You are buying a small amount of accent that will make a huge impact and provide the colors that make your brand voice come alive. Having an experienced eye advising you will make you smile. And in a time in which two out of three employees say that workplace design is as important or more critical, than workplace location, you can bet you will make your entire company smile!

The Truth About the Urban Legend: All services and ancillary furniture are NOT created equal, and neither are the teams you choose to spearhead your office furniture project. I’ll bet you know what my idea is. I encourage you to call SideMark and talk to us about how we can meet your office needs. We have some great ideas for fulfilling your commodity needs, AND some great ideas for engineering your project professionally. We can hardly wait to tell you about them!