You Don’t Have to Trade Affordable for Simplified


Remember that SideMark Showroom move I blogged about last year? Well, I seem to have moving in my blood. This year my husband and I undertook a move from our large home to a simplified, smaller condo space.  The kids have moved out and it is was time to find a space that fit our lifestyle. We have sorted and culled with each of our moves over the last few years, so I thought the current move would be an easy packing event.  However, I was surprised at how much we still had that we no longer needed and which we packed up and gave to family and Goodwill.  And once the move was complete, the culling continued, with three more boxes to remove! Where does it all come from? We are now organized and pared down. Marie Kondo would be proud!


All of this moving and simplifying made me think of the latest workspace trends. The minimalism philosophy of removing unnecessary excess to focus on substance and experience is not only a lifestyle approach but can also be applied in the workspace. In the Bay Area, this idea has already been adopted and implemented with great success.The trend toward Scandinavian inspired furniture focused on simple and affordable, but the next step in this process for 2019 needs to be simple, affordable quality.


A focus on substance and a quality experience are the keys to a satisfying workplace environment. It is great that we see more and more sit stands replacing the traditional seated workstation, but all sit stands are not created equal (more on that later). As well, it is important for the office task chair to be comfortable and ergonomically intelligent, not just cost effective. You can simplify as much as you like, but if you simplify into cheap, you will frustrate employees that you very much want to hold on to.


SideMark can help. We have recently developed an exciting package that includes a sit stand, ped, and task chair combination and its price will blow your mind. It also is a quality level that will impress.  As the need to retain quality talent becomes harder and more important, this package will go a long way in creating the workplace experience you are looking for. Give me a call. I would love to talk to you about it.