Every Step of a Solution Creates More Questions


Do you like puzzles? I love puzzles and problem solving. And that is one of the many reasons I love the furniture industry. Each step you take creates more questions. Many times, it creates a problem you need to solve…quickly. The truck with all the workstations and glass screens show up on time. A step in the puzzle is solved! You open the truck door to see that Every. Single. Screen. Is. Shattered. They were packed at the bottom for some bizarre reason, and the load shifted a few too many times. So that creates another question…. what are we going to do NOW?!  (Want to know what I did? I’m not telling. You have to ask me sometime. It’s a great story).


The point being, success is a moving target. The cheese always moves. You can’t just simply plant a flag and say “That’s it! Get there and we are done. It is a moving target and you need to move with it.


I know what you are wondering, “How could you possibly enjoy that?”  Because if you will allow it, the problems become opportunities that encourage creativity and possibilities.It’s true! To be an effective problem solver, the world cannot simply be black and white. You are forced to see that there are many paths to the solution. If you are smart, you work with people to help create a solution, because you realize you don’t have all the answers. And by doing that, you just helped create a sense of team and demonstrating that others have value. They were a part of the solution and that builds and grows them. One more step to be a problem solver AND a good leader! Puzzles…. Problems…. expand your mind, awaken you to possibilities, and build your team as you draw them in to form the solution. It is exciting! 


Does that mean we should create problems and strive for chaos to build our creativity? Now don’t go crazy on me. I am not saying that planning and organization are not necessary. You do WANT your project to go well and your client to be happy. But when the cheese moves on you, and it is going to move, try thinking of it as a way to improve your imagination and build your team. Solve that puzzle! 


-Sandi Jacobs