Feeling Your Client's Pain



The other day I tried to click on a promo link to get more product information. It didn’t work…..it wasn’t hot. The company created a terrific promotional campaign and sent it out via social media. I was hooked and wanted more information! But they had not checked the link; it didn’t actually work. I moved on, and didn’t go back. They missed the opportunity.


It is so important to be in touch with the experience your company is creating and see the world through a client’s eyes. What are they worried about? How do they feel when they interact with your company? Do you understand their challenges? Try to navigate your own website. Is it intuitive? Listen to an employee’s response to “What does your company do?” Would their explanation make sense to non-industry people?  Listen to how your reps serve a client in their time of need. Are they solving problems or creating them?


Our latest adventure in this exercise? We moved our own office!


SideMark recently moved our headquarters and showroom to downtown San Jose. Our lease deadline came screaming up on us with no new real estate options that fit our culture. Very quickly, we became caught in between a hard Must Move deadline and (finally) a new office space that was great, but needed construction. The result was having to completely move our headquarters in two months. Two months. No one does that! No one should do that! And yet, our clients get put in this position all the time. We can’t possibly order the furniture we want in that timeframe. What can we do for temporary seating? What will we do about internet? Are we taking the phone system? Will construction be done in time? Where will we find temporary space? Stop the madness!


At SideMark, we love helping clients through the maze of a move or new office space. So it is great for us to feel our client’s pain points and assure that we answer these challenges with expertise and brilliant solutions. It was a perfect test case!


How did we do? We had many successes, and a few failures. It was exciting to optimize future technology and rethink our employee and client experience. Our goal is to make work feel good for our employees and our clients. We had to flex a lot, moving from Plan A when construction was not done on time to about Plan Q by the time we adapted to all the different changes. A week after we moved in we hosted a huge IIDA event at out new showroom and thanks to our amazing SideKicks and IIDA volunteers, everyone left smiling.


SideMark’s move to downtown San Jose placed us in the position so many of our client’s face, with all of its rewards and challenges, reminding us once again why we are so passionate about doing what we do: Making Work Feel Good!


- Sandi Jacobs