Sandi Speaks: A Guiding Principle On Management

Our CEO feels very strongly about that, and uses it as a guiding principle for SideMark and her management style. Sandi believes that everyone has a skill set and talents special to them. Your mission as a manager is to help focus those talents and encourage an employee to learn, grow, and add value to the company.


One of the ways Sandi embraces this principle is revealed through SideMark’s approach to employee reviews. This is not a once a year event. Employees get together with their manager once a month to touch base. They discuss what is working and what is not from the employee’s point of view.  What could be improved in the department, a system, or to make the employee feel good about their contribution? (After all, We Make Work Feel Good). How can the employee be involved in the solution? This is a great time to discuss employee goals and how the manger can help them succeed at those goals. It is also the perfect time for the employee and the manager to receive feedback and fine tune the relationship.  


Sandi feels that the One on One monthly approach keeps communication open and becomes a regular reminder that all of management at SideMark, starting with her and going on down, is helping each employee succeed!