Sandi Speaks: Life is an Ecosystem

SANDI SPEAKS yellow.jpg

“Life is an ecosystem, everything supports everything else. That includes work.”



When you hear the word “ecosystem” it is easy to think about some very scientific analysis or study. But truly, all of life is an ecosystem. “A community of organisms functioning as an ecological unit.” In other words, your life, your job. Work! I am passionate about seeing my job and my work as an ecosystem and helping to support others within it. We really are all just one big unit. There are many things I think about when considering the health of that ecological unit, and the SideMark environment is a huge part of that.



Our environment inspires or detracts from our productivity and our work community. Studies show that workplace stress adds to higher sickness and company healthcare costs. And a disengagement is costly, creating more absenteeism and accidents. An ecosystem in trouble. On a positive note, create an environment that inspires and values people, and the energy cannot be contained! So, the environment you create for your employees matters. A great way to achieve a vibrant ecosystem is to assure that employees feel valued, engaged, and an important part of the process. That can be hard to remember.



Sometimes as a leader there is pressure to have all the answers.  I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, that asking the right questions is better than providing answers.  We have tools that we use at SideMark for ourselves and our clients.  These tools engage the team and provide a process for creating exceptional workspaces.  People feel proud of what they help create so empowering your work ecosystem when creating a new work environment is important. This is why we at SideMark are so passionate about creating environments that make people feel good. When we enable others to feel good, we are able to create a culture of positivity and productivity!