Sandi Speaks: Passion and True Success

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I firmly believe, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”


One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to know your skill set. As humans, we might not be great at everything, but everyone has something their great at.


If you are good at something and enjoy it, you will be passionate about it. Your passion will fuel your creativity, and if you love what you do, your enthusiasm becomes infectious, creating all the perfect variables conducive to ingenuity, innovation and inventiveness. Ultimately, when all that energy comes together and makes a kinetic force- SUCCESS, “the money” follows. When we prioritize personal fulfillment over material return, we unknowingly prioritize our own happiness in the process, and what can truly be more successful than that?


The beauty of a thriving workplace is, it is the center for people of different backgrounds and strengths to come together. The workplace challenges people to use their strengths to solve real world problems, but it also challenges people to know their weaknesses as well, and to collaborate with those whose have strengths in areas we lack.


Sometimes knowing what you don’t want to do is just as valuable as knowing what you want to do.


In fact, if you don’t instantly know the answer to that in your head, take a few moments to reflect over these questions:


What do you love doing and are terrific at it?

What are you really good at, but hate doing?

What are you just really bad at and hope you never have to do?


Challenge yourself and be honest! Then play to your strengths and delegate those areas in which you are weak. Don’t try and get better at the weakness. Understand and embrace that the best you will achieve is mild success, and you will probably never enjoy it. Why focus your energies on what you don’t like? Find someone who does it well and enjoys it. If this means you need to find another job that focuses on your strengths, do it. No amount of money can ever compare with work that you find personally fulfilling.