The Environment and the Showroom

I remember a time when I hated going grocery shopping— it was truly the worst thing I had to do. I was not sure why. Then stores like Whole Foods were constructed and I began to realize it wasn’t grocery shopping I hated, but rather the shopping environment that had been created for me. Original grocery stores had horrible lighting and created a space that you simply didn’t want to be in. The truth --  with better lighting and a livelier interior, grocery shopping could be enjoyable. 


The point of this story is that environments are either comfortable or they’re not. We might not be able to express it, but we know something is affecting us positively… or negatively. Which is what makes an intelligently designed workspace so important. When you walk into a space it should just feel good— it should feel like home. It should express a company’s culture and communicate with their customers and employees. The environments we surround ourselves with on a day to day basis can either enhance or diminish our lives.


When designing our showroom, SideMark identified key points to expressing our culture using our Align to Thrive analysis. The analysis assesses how each employee works and the best way for different teams to work together.  It encourages employees to have a voice in how their workspace is designed. Align to Thrive is one of the most beneficial services we offer our clients, because it provides a spectrum conveying where each company’s culture lands— there is no right or wrong. It allows us to provide a custom color palate and specific furniture suggestions for each individual client. 


For example, the idea of coming together and being part of a team is something important to SideMark. When designing our new space, we wanted to encourage teams communicating with each other. We designed collaboration areas and touchdown spaces for team members who often work remotely.  It is important for those who don’t come into the office regularly to have a space they can call home.  SideMark also has a “Town Hall” space that allows everyone to come together. It is one of the most important aspects of our showroom design. 


Color can also have a huge impact on your environment. This is why when designing for clients, we use our knowledge of color theory to customize their space. For our own space, our Align to Thrive analysis was once again a valuable tool. To truly convey our personality and culture, SideMark needed something that evoked warmth. Our design department did a great job finding the perfect colors for a space that is a unique reflection of us—a warm space, for a warm and friendly group of people.


Our goal with this showroom is for clients to walk in and gather ideas— just look around and think, “oh I like that” or “I would want that but in a different setup or style.” We want to get the conversation going and use our space as a visual aid to find out what they want for their own spaces.


Sandi Jacobs

President & CEO