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Business Developer


A specialist in new business development, this position does extensive research and networking to identify and land new business leads, which are qualified and initiated before turning over to regular sales force for further development. This position is responsible for generating new sales volume through networking and referrals to potential clients and third party influencers.



Lead Generation

  • Networks extensively for leads (business groups, real estate brokers, A&D community, local community organizations, industry organizations—IFMA, BOMA, etc.); develops relationships with key influencers (A&D principals, real estate brokers, property managers)
  • Joins leads groups, industry and/or non-profit organizations to develop trusted network of third party influencers for referrals
  • Researches for leads through business journals, newspapers, industry periodicals and publications, internet, etc.
  • Puts together a networking/events/marketing plan for generating new business for dealership; plan is reviewed and revised on a regular basis (monthly) as needed
  • Develops target account list of potential clients, including major corporations, local/state/federal government business, educational entities; uses deliberate, measurable long term plan to penetrate these accounts

 Qualification & Turnover

  • Once finding potential lead, brings in team resources (Account Manager and/or Designer) to help qualify lead into potential customer. The execution team then creates detailed client needs analysis to understand requirements for furniture products and services
  • Sets up contact with account/lead to transition relationship to Account Manager to present dealership's products and services; may bring other sales staff on first meetings
  • Makes persuasive elevator speeches/presentations in networking situations to third party influencers and potential customers on dealership’s product and service differentiators—in person, through written/graphic documentation and electronic means, with team support for content and marketing tools development

Required Skills

  • Skilled prospector/hunter
  • Familiar with the selling cycle and sales skills
  • Ability to track, report and present sales results
  • Ability to function as part of a professional team
  • Strong computer skills, including MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Project)
  • Excellent phone, email and public speaking skills
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret business contracts, professional journals, technical procedures or government regulations
  • Ability to prepare and present information in an orderly fashion
  • Ability to communicate effectively and clearly with others

Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree (BA) or certificate in Interior Design or related field preferred
  • 2+ years of Sales experience required


Job Location

Santa Clara, California, United States


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